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Wattmeters voltmeter

Diagram of the Wattmeters voltmeterIn order to give you an idea of what we consume appliances, here I present to you a meter with a voltmeter incorporated.

As you can notice at the entrance is made use of 2 diodes (2 amps 400 volts), contradictory to allow a positive cycle and the other negatives of the alternating current, this means that in making out there will always be alternating current .

The 3-ohm resistor is responsible for controlling the power in the indicator, for example:

If you place a resistor of 47 ohms, the maximum power to endure the indicator will be 200 watts. The 820-ohm resistor is responsible for limiting the voltage to receive the indicator, which will be part of volts and not to damage the potentiometer (mini) is responsible for the adjustment on the cover of the indicator.

To adjust the meter connects a bulb (LAMP) of about 50 or 100 W and mark the cover with that value. In the case of the voltmeter, it gives you an impression that the voltage at which the device is connected.

List of components
Semiconductor :
D1, D2, D3: 1N4005
R1: 1kΩ potentiometer
R2: 5K Ω potentiometer
R3: 820 Ω 1/4 vatt
R4: 0.3 Ω 2 watts
R5: 400k Ω 1 watt
2 milli ammeters from 0 - 200 µA
pcb expensive components of the Wattmeters voltmeter
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pcb side tracks of the Wattmeters voltmeter
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