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Diagram of the voltmeter

This is a voltmeter with LEDs and a 741 as the heart of the circuit, LEDs can be red, green or yellow.

The LEDs are lit in relation to the voltage that it is receiving at the entrance. They also light up when all the fingers of input terminals, or they respond to changes in resistance. If you're experiencing, it might become a ohmetro simple, I leave to your imagination.

NOTE: This circuit was tested in a computer program, in theory works, but only by assembling we will know whether it really is functional.

> List of components
IC1 to IC5: LM741
LED1 to LED5: red, green or yellow.
R1: 5 K Ω
R2-R11: 1 K Ω
pcb expensive components of the voltmeter
pcb expensive components print
pcb side tracks of the voltmeter
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