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Tester Crystals

Diagram of the Tester CrystalsEspecially for amateur radio friends they have in their box components of some crystals and do not know if they are good or bad, here's the fitting room of glass, which will allow them to test them quickly.

All components are easy to acquire, in addition, can be used any type of NPN transistor, is not this tester to give the exact frequency of the crystal, only verify their status to the extent of the deviation of the needle on the meter.

To attach the circuit it is best to use a metal box, which also serve as a shield to avoid RF interference. Q1 is basically an oscillator, which insertársele to the glass under test is completed the circuit and starts his swing, Q2 acts as a signal amplifier which is applied to the meter to give an indication of the state of the crystal.

list of components
C1: 100 pF. Ceramic 25-volt
C2 47 pF. Ceramic 25-volt
C3: 0.02 µF. Ceramic 25-volt
C4: 100 pF ceramic 25 volts.
D1: 1N914.
Q1, Q2: 2SC828 or 2SC710
R1: 100KΩ
R2: 50KΩ potentiometer.
R3: 1KΩ
R4: 1KΩ
R5: 1KΩ
R6: 10KΩ potentiometer.
M1: Any indication of audio level or other similar.
pcb expensive components of the Tester Crystals
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