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Electronic roulette

Diagram of the Electronic roulette

Here is a circuit for those who enjoy electronic games, an electronic roulette. It is designed with integrated digital CMOS. The simulation of rotating the ball is implemented by 10 LEDs, which are numbered 0 through 9.

Any time you're assembled, in particular when any of the players oppress the S1, to begin the game, from that moment the LEDs are illuminated sequentially, at high speed and will decrease over time according to stop at one of the diodes indicating múmero winner, then the LED will go off and be tuleta the list again.

HOW IT WORKS: When switched on S1, the voltage-controlled oscillator starts its operation, this VCO is comprised of three investors of the integrated circuit CD4069, you can also use the 74C04.

The frequency of the oscillator this contralda by the level of voltage that is present on pins of the capacitor C1, this is loaded quickly with the voltage of the power supply when you press the S1, then slowly download a daring R5, with this the frequency varies proportionally high to low, until the swing of the VCO reaches 0.

The output of the VCO is connected to the input of a counter decades of IC2, which is responsible for controlling the ignition sequence of LEDs. Who estáencargado to turn off the LED is the Q2, which is driven at its base by a timer conformed with the rest of the investors of the integrated circuit CD4069. It includes an audio amplifier to give some effect to the game.

List of components
Semiconductor :
IC1: 4069
IC2: CD 4017
Q1-Q2: 2N2222 (NTE 123A)
D1: 1N914 (NTE 159)
LEDs : red yellow, green, blue, and so on.
Capacitors: C1: 220 µF 16 V.
C2: 1 µF 16 V.
C3: 4.7 µF 16 V.
All of a 1/4 watt
R1: 1M Ω
R2: 100K Ω
R3: 470k Ω
R4-R7: 10K Ω
R5: 3.3M Ω
R6: 5.1K Ω
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