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Monitor the car electrical system

Diagram of the Monitor AutoKnow the status of a battery (battery), it is very important, for which we need a device that makes monitoring at all times. To this end, we propose that monitor the car's electrical system. Any time you're assembling, all we have to do is connect to the battery of the car, the positive of the monitor can be connected to any voltage wire to the positive and negative to the chassis of the car.

It can also be used to monitor a battery of emergency light or other device that uses a battery.

The circuit is simple, consisting of just 2 NPN transistors, 2 Zener diodes, 2 common diodes, resistors 7 and 3 light-emitting diodes (LED). The connection simply connect the positive indicator of the positive or any of the battery voltage cable that carries positive and negative to negative from the battery.

The LEDs are:

RED: The indicating that the battery voltage falls below 11.6 volts, which is in a state of shock.

GREEN: This LED indicates that the battery is located under normal load, between 11.6 and 12.6 volts.

YELLOW: When this LED lights indicates that the battery is about 12.6 volts, which indicates that the battery is above the normal level of burden, if this is permanent, check the status of the source you charge the battery. TEST: To check the indicator, is due to connect to a source variable, you can also connect a potenciómentro in series with a fixed supply voltage, which is at least about 13.5 volts. The potenciómentro then turning to go, to do this should be sequentially LED lighting diode when the voltage reaches that has been configured with the Zener diodes, if not, check that everything has been well connected.

List of components
Q1-Q2: BC107 (NTE 123A)
Z1: 11 volt 1/2 watt
Z2: 12 volt 1/2 watt
D1-D2: 1N4148 (NTE 159)
LED1: Red
LED2: Green
LED3: Yellow
R1-R4-R7 470 Ω 1/2 watt
R2-R5: 1K Ω 1/2 watt
R3-R6: 10K Ω 1/2 watt
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