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Inverter for fluorescent lamp

Diagram of the Inverter for fluorescent lampThis is a simple inverter that can assemble with very little money, you can use any small transformer that you have left.

HOW IT WORKS: The frequency of the IC 555 is determined by a combination of resistor 2.2K, the 5K potentiometer and the capacitor.

The signal that the IC supply at its pin 3 is applied to the transistor, c1060 lamps for 5 or 7 Watts and 2N3055 for lamps 15W, this also means that the processor must be of 1 amp for c1060 and about 2 or 3 amps for 2N3055

The voltage of operation should be 12 volts, so the same processor in its secondary must withstand 12 volts, the primary should be for 220 volts.

List of components
C1: 0.1µF. ceramic
IC1: NE555
Q1: C1060
R1: 2.2 K Ω
R2: 1 K Ω
VR1: 5 K Ω potentiometer
BL1: Neon lamp from 5 to 7 watts.
T1: Transformer with for 220 primary and secondary 6 or 12, this investment should be placed, or secondary becomes primary and the secondary primary.
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