Publication of Electronic Circuits

Electronics and electricity

In this space will offer electronic circuits which will be included in the description, the diagram and PCB. so they can develop fully. We hope that these publications are useful for anyone who starts in electronics.

Electronics and electricity

What's the difference?, I ask you sometime?, Here's the answer:

Electronics: Use electrical phenomena to move information audible, visual, and so on. This is channeled through an electric current basis of changes in its characteristics which are coded, they can be amperage, voltage, frequency, phase, and so on. When the amperage or voltage is altered in a controlled way to drive some information in code form are called signals.

Electricity: This takes the phenomenon for energy or electrical power with which we can "move" any electrical appliance.

The fact belong to this world commits us to know what the case. Electronics is based on the fundamental advances that have been established and do not stop, so it must be aware and know a little more each day. This site is not meant to be the best, but if you contribute something to the fans of this science.

The content is especially dedicated to students of electronics, those who practice it as a hobby and because they do not, to our colleagues technicians who can find something interesting in it. It includes diagrams of electronic circuits, from the simplest to most complex about not leaving on the one hand, the instructions for blending. Besides include topics related, for example, is about as a transistor, thyristors, FET, ujt, and so on. And they may move to sites of interest, whether related to electronics or other items.