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Hunting rodents

Diagram of the humidity sensorIf on occasion saw the light of emergency, are already familiar with the diagram. This is basically the same, with minor differences, such as the PHOTOCELL is connected to the negative side of the source, it adds a light bulb (lamp) and instead of turning on a light bulb, activates a solenoid.

This solenoid shares to be interrupted the beam of light bulb. In this case will be grill a box and placed these 2 components facing each other so that when the rodent between, interrupting the beam of light, thus closing the entrance. To attach the solenoid operated and that the entrance door of the box.

You should see how a common trap mice and bring it, is more, you can use this to avoid having to make one, is only a matter of you use your wits to place the circuit. The solenoid normally when you receive current, we can say that shrinks, taking into account this principle, you must place it in a way that by doing so, turn the piece that stops the door. Now you get to put your imagination and creativity to work.

You can use a battery or assembling a source with 1 processor with 110 or 220 primary, secondary, 6 or 12 volts, 2 and 1 diodes 1N4001 capacitor 1000 µF. 25 volts.

List of components
C1: 22 µF. electrolytic
IC1: NE555
D1: 1N4001.
R1 to R4: 10K Ω
VR1: 50 K Ω potentiometers
BL1: Lamp for 6 or 12 volts RL1: Relay, coil-over should consume no more than 100 mA. and be consistent with the voltage.
SL1: Solenoid for 6 or 12 volts.
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