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Automatic light

Diagram of the Automatic light When you decide to ride the circuit must take into account the position of components, in the case of electrolytic capacitors, which brings a brand either positive (+) or negative (-). Also on IC 555, brings a point which indicates the position of the pin 1.

Diodes (IN4002 and IN4007) of the power supply as the relay, (I suggest the MC2RC2, with contacts of 2 amps, diodes IN4148 or IN914), the line tells you the side that must go to the positive capacitor; resistors with no problem, either with the PHOTOCELL (place it in an opaque tube to the sky in order to operate with its brightness, you can extend up to 5 meters from the circuit).

First buy a soldering iron to 40 W. maximum, tin and what they feel necessary. On the printed circuit board where you are going to assemble, I suggest a web (see list of components), to distribute the pieces as you feel Instructions:

1. Run the basis of the first IC 8-pin, soldala conveniently. 2. Run over by you of the space needed to locate the other components. 3. You can go by placing the resistors and the capacitor 22 mf. 4. The variable resistor can be of small to mount directly on the tablet. 5. The PHOTOCELL as you indicated previously only need to solder wires (preferably thin) 6. The source can join either alone or in the same tablet, but you must buy a bigger. 7. The socket for the lamp you are going to manage what you can put inside the box circuit.

List of components
C1: 100 µF. electrolytic
IC1: NE555
D1: 1N4001.
R1 to R4: 10K Ω
VR1: 50 K Ω potentiometers
BL1: bulb for 115 volts
RL1: Relay, coil-over should consume no more than 100 mA. and be consistent with the voltage.
Outlet for connecting the bulb.
pcb expensive components of the Automatic light
pcb expensive components print
pcb side tracks of the Automatic light