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Alarm glass of paper of Aluminum (AHF)

Diagram of the Alarm glass of AHFHere is a warning of aluminum foil, which is activated when the circuit is opened, or rather break the foil, can be useful to protect windows or any area with glass (glass).

The switches S1 and S2, which are connected in series with AHF should be normally closed, they can be placed on the doors. When activated the alarm can disable the opening S1 (normally closed).

To set the alarm needed a voltmeter or multimeter in 10V DC and connect it through the resistor 1K, adding the circuit, it may be S1 or S2 and adjusts the potentiometer 500KΩ until the voltmeter enter 1 volt. The bell must ring before the voltmeter enter 1 volt, if this does not happen that will revise the circuit and verify that all components are connected correctly. In CN1 connect the cables that connect to the paper Aluminum

list of components
47 µF. 16V
Potentiometer 500K Ω
Resistor 1K Ω
Transistor HEP 53
Ringer or buzzer for 6 volts.
paper of Aluminum.
pcb expensive components of the Alarm glass of AHF
pcb expensive components print
pcb side tracks of the Alarm glass of AHF